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True stories from the Willis Family, as told by Keith M Willis.

Stories of all kinds. These short stories are entertaining from start to finish.

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Keith M Willis

  • Graduated from high school in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1967. 
  • Graduated from Iowa State University (college) in 1971. 
  • Spent 3 years after college working road construction, saving some money. 
  • Bought a motorhome in the mid 1970s and began traveling around the United States.  Worked on riverboats to make money. Traveled around the country for about ten years.    
  • Late 1980s I started working as a park ranger in New Mexico. 
  • In 1991 I began working as a park ranger for the US Army Corps of Engineers in central California.  I retired from that job in 2011.

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Everybody has an aura and everybody can see auras. It is simple and easy for anyone to do, young or old. I’m going to explain how you can learn this in five minutes’ time.

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I was working on a riverboat when a co-worker handed me a book to read. The topic of the book was out-of-body travel. The author, Paul Twitchell, claimed that he could project out of body and other people could, too. The prospect of projecting out of body sounded amazing, but was it really possible? Could I do it?   

For the next two weeks I tried concentrating at bedtime in different ways, with no luck. Still on a riverboat, my work shift ended and I laid down in my top bunk bed. I started concentrating on being somewhere outside my physical body. My brain began to tire and then I realized that my physical body had fallen asleep, but mentally I was still awake. So I began imagining myself above my physical body. A roaring noise developed in my right ear and suddenly I was above my body in a world of blackness. I couldn’t see my physical form beneath me but I knew where it was.   

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Inner Worlds

I first imagined soul travel as projecting out of the physical body into this Earth environment. What I gradually learned was that soul travel encompasses more than just the physical world. OBEs can end up in nonphysical inner planes as well.   

 When I’m out of body in the inner worlds, I usually have a solid body that feels energized and looks like my physical form. I sometimes project into a world of blackness, but most of my OBEs end up in solid inner worlds that may or may not resemble Earth. My conscious awareness can range from poor to very good. There can be people in the inner worlds that I visit, or strange non-Earthlike beings, creatures, or sights. In short, the inner planes have fascinating things to see.


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