keith M willis

Bed and Breakfast

A park ranger drove to the bed and breakfast to give a demonstration of soldier guns and clothing. A neighbor called the police which brought the local news team. SWAT showed up and helped the police surround the bed and breakfast. The ranger didn’t go to jail but he did make the local news. Largest […]


Word got out that topless sunbathers were in violation on federal property. A park ranger checked on the report and found it was true. Half a dozen shapely ladies were sunbathing with their breasts exposed. Would the ranger be able to convince the ladies to cover up, or would they refuse? Everyone in the area […]


It is possible for a person to fly. Anyone can fly. All that’s needed is to stand, stretch your arms out like glider wings, lean forward, and then think about flying. Simple and easy. Doing this will lift you off the ground and propel you forward. Your flying speed can be increased by thinking about […]