keith M willis

About The Author

About The Author

Keith M Willis

  • Graduated from high school in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1967. 
  • Graduated from Iowa State University (college) in 1971. 
  • Spent 3 years after college working road construction, saving some money. 
  • Bought a motorhome in the mid 1970s and began traveling around the United States.  Worked on riverboats to make money. Traveled around the country for about ten years.    
  • Late 1980s I started working as a park ranger in New Mexico. 
  • In 1991 I began working as a park ranger for the US Army Corps of Engineers in central California.  I retired from that job in 2011. 
  • Wrote two books that were published. In 1988 I published “How I Learned Soul Travel” by Terrill Willson (pen name) which is a book about out-of-body travel. In 1998 I published “Dream Travel” by Terrill Willson (pen name) which is also about out-of-body travel. 

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